Members & Guests Notice – 2018 Price Changes

Attention Members & Guests

Price Increase

Dear Members & Guests,

Ramsgate RSL are proud to have absorbed the last three price increases handed on by our suppliers as well as the recent rise in costs as a result of the new Container Deposit Scheme (Return and Earn).

In the continuance of delivering the best in food, beverage and hospitality to our members & guests, and also with the objective of meeting the clubs key performance business goals, unfortunately at times price increases need to be passed on to our customers.

Please be advised that some of our beverages will have price increases passed on and will come into effect on Monday 5th March 2018


Product New Members Price Total Increase
Schooner (Beer) $5.30 $0.30
Middy (Beer) $3.80 $0.30
Wine Glass (150ml) $4.50 $0.20


We aim to keep our prices competitive for our market and bring the best in offerings, products and service to our members and guests.

Thank you for your continued support and patronage of Ramsgate RSL.


Yours truly,

David Moorcroft
Chief Executive Officer